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  • Forum update

    I updated the forum, i fixed any issues i could find that resulted from the rather majour update, but if there is anything that doesn't work, Please reach out to me or @Xulgonoth


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  • RE: [RC2] Jack Builds a Techbase (4 maps, -cl21)

    @Thelokk Thank you. Yeah, MAP03 is meant to be the real meat, the rest is just flavour, if they were as much of a magnum opus, that would take away from the main event rather than add to it.

    Also, RC2 did done duploaded.

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  • [RC2] Jack Builds a Techbase (4 maps, -cl21)

    We've been working on this with @Benchy for a while and it's finally time to unleash it. This is a standalone release of a map we made for the Balls of Steel Community project, but with a couple additional maps and flare.

    Be warned that this is made to be a pretty niche wad, the phrase "set of challenging maps" gets thrown around a lot these days, but this one takes a slightly different approach where the difficulty mainly doesn't come from the encounters themselves being tuned to a high difficulty, it comes more from unfriendliness to blind players, from punishing the slightest errors and from not being clear in what exactly the map wants you to do.

    Currently only tested on DSDA-Doom, but it should work on versions of GZDoom that support MBF21.


    • MAP01: Brick by Brick
    • MAP02: Processing Station
    • MAP03: Jack Builds a Techbase
    • MAP04: Unravelled Creation (gameplay-less epilogue)
    • MAP31: Toxic Tide


    • Title: "Talking 2" from Stonekeep
    • Intermission: "Guess We Are Fighting Cyberdemons" by MegaSphere
    • MAP01: Equinox MAP13 theme
    • MAP02: "Lurking the Stranger's House" (bespoke track)
    • MAP03: "Palace of Shadows" from Stonekeep
    • MAP04: MIDI rendition of "Exogenesis: Symphony Part III (Redemption)" by Muse
    • MAP31: MIDI rendition of "Circus Bells" by Robert Armani

    jbat_05.png jbat_04.png jbat_03.png jbat_02.png jbat_01.png


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  • RE: The Heretic Project (Quest Name Pending)

    Very cool to finally see someone realise the sheer power of DSDA-Doom now supporting Heretic and it finally being a truly limit-removing port for the game, so no more dichotomy between vanilla and GZDoom. The lack of generalised specials is still a pretty major disadvantage compared to something like Boom, but the conveyor belts on their own should be enough to make all kinds of wild crap with.
    I'll see what I can do with them resources, though I still can't promise I'll be able to finalise anything with them anytime soon.

    Also, does anyone who whom I could possibly pester to add HeHackEd compatibility and some modern tools for it?

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  • RE: Source port area?

    Took me a bit longer than it probably should have, since it was talked about off-site like a week ago at least, but I've added a new category for source port updates and various tools anyone wants to share.
    I'm not sure if I'm too naive to think that any specific port wouldn't need an entire category of its own, but we'll see. If things get untidy, I'll categorise it further, though I'm also trying to avoid the categories being unintuitive.

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